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Introducing: Allium Triquetrum (aka Three Cornered Garlic)

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Allium Triquetrum (more commonly known as three-cornered garlic) is a lovely looking plant.

With an appearance very similar to bluebells, in a different colour, it really stands out in a garden.

However, its appearance is not the only thing that stands out - the smell does too!

Again, like Japanese knotweed, it was introduced during the Victorian era, circa 18th Century.

It loves to spread through seed/bulbs and when established forms dense clumps of leaves with three corners like a triangle. Three-cornered garlic can also be quite invasive when it takes hold and as already mentioned, has a rather garlicky overpowering smell.

Herbicide treatment can be effective and the best time to treat is before the plant flowers - from mid April generally. Here are some photos from one property with three-cornered garlic on site:

Last year, the plant was choking out other plants in the garden...

This year, three cornered garlic is still present, but the quantity has significantly reduced (over 50%) since the first year...

Another herbicide application will be required next year and we will continue to treat it until there is no further regrowth!

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