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identifyin JK

Identifying japanese knotweed

We take pride in providing a professional, reliable and friendly service to many home owners, Managing Agents, Landlords, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

If you are unsure if you have Japanese knotweed, simply send a photograph of the suspected plant to us and we will confirm the identity for you.  It is helpful for us if you provide a general photo of the plant and two detailed ones –  in particular a photo of the leaves and a photo of the base of the stems. We provide this service for free.

You can also try our 3 step identification process for yourself and let us know.

The 3 step process to identifying Japanese Knotweed


The leaves are NOT heart shaped at the top but flat,  at the tip they are heart shaped.  The leaves look more like a small gardening spade shape, pointy at the end but flat at the top

Japanese knotweed leaf shape


The stem where the leaves come off are zig-zag in shape.

Identifying Japanese knoweed byzig-zig stems


The stems are bamboo in appearance.

Japanese knotweed bamboo shoos being injeted
Others factors to consider

4. Dead canes give a satisfying ‘pop’ when you snap them.

5. The roots snap like a carrot does.

6. The roots have an orange circle to them.

survey & quote


If you live in Bromley, West Wickham, Croydon, South London or Kent, and depending on the information you provide, we can visit and carry out a free survey and no obligation quote.

Alternatively we can often provide a quote from the photographic information you have provided of the plant and the area where it is sited.  This can be helpful if you are managing sites and are not based where the Japanese knotweed is located.

If you require a written identification report following a survey for mortgage purposes this can be provided at an additional cost.

treatment plans

Treatment plans

Our treatment plans for Japanese knotweed are tailored around your needs.


Typically if you contact us in April and require a five year management plan as you are intending to sell your property, we will visit 2-3 times in the first year and thereafter at least twice a year to ensure complete control / eradication of the Japanese knotweed.


The treatment plan is on the property and is automatically transferred to the new owners once you have provided us with their details.

To assist in selling your property and meeting the needs of the potential purchaser’s mortgage company we offer five or ten year management plans, as well as Insurance Backed Guarantees for that period of time.

We use a mixture of stem injection, spraying, and weed wiping depending upon the infestation ensuring that your Japanese knotweed is swiftly controlled.

What does it all cost?

The cost to treat and eradicate Japanese knotweed increases depending upon the area requiring treatment.

Our prices typically start from £1,500 – £2,000 +VAT for a small area providing a five year management plan.


Occasionally I have been requested to carry out one-off treatments for small areas, where owners are not intending to sell and have simply identified a small amount of the plant which they wish to eradicate before it become established.


Prices for this simple one-off treatment can start from £100.

Payment information

If you are intending to sell your property and require an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG)  then payment is to be upfront. This means we will continue to treat the knotweed once you have sold the property (assuming the new owners give us permission).​

For general five year management plans, payments are due at the start of each year on an annual basis.

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