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Spot the Japanese knotweed in Beckenham...

It can be surprisingly difficult to identify Japanese knotweed. The top left photograph is of a bramble emerging from the soil in a garden in Beckenham. The bottom right hand side, you may notice a reddish shoot growing. If there isn't any visible leaves, that you can see (and is shown in the photograph) then the shoot can look a little like Japanese knotweed!

The top right photograph is of the lovely Japanese knotweed emerging, the leaves are not fully formed and the owners haven't cut the grass near the plant, so it can grow for another month... to then be herbicide treated and hopefully not be seen again in the grass!

The bottom left are Chameleon plants emerging. When they are just emerging, the pretty red leaves (which turn green and have a deep pink/purple ting to them) can be mistaken for Japanese knotweed.

Finally, the bottom right photograph. I have been asked about this plant. The plant is woody, which Japanese knotweed isn't ... it's a lime tree! From a distance at this time of year, I do like to have a double check close up. The leaves of a lime tree are serrated. Japanese knotweed leaves have smooth edges.

Any questions about Japanese knotweed and if you have it in your garden, do send me a WhatsApp message (0784 000 2115) or email and I will do my best to respond swiftly.

Have a lovely identification day!


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