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escaped bamboo in sidcup

I really enjoy removing bamboo - there is something quite satisfying about following the rhysome and pulling it up. Unfortunately all too often in a nice lawn.

Here is a runner which went happily through the grass for a few meters. You can see the root (also called rhysome or runner) underground which I have pulled up and the stem (or corm) of the bamboo sitting nicely on the root.

If you would like bamboo in your garden, do make sure you don't plant it too close to a neighbouring fence and regularly check and maintain the plant to prevent it escaping and taking over your or your neighbours garden! Planting a less invasive plant is a safer option!

If you have found that you have planted bamboo and would like some advice perhaps as it's more vigorous that you expected, feel free to send in a photograph and I will do my best to provide some free no obligation advice.

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