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Japanese knotweed in kent?

I carried out a survey for a client who wanted confirmation that there wasn't any Japanese knotweed in the back garden of a lovely house they were thinking of purchasing. The home buyers report couldn't confirm if Japanese knotweed was/wasn't present when the property was surveyed.

I didn't see any Japanese knotweed, but I did see something poking out of a hedge - initially it looked a little like Japanese knotweed dead canes. The stem was zig-zag shaped. However on closer inspection the stem was very alive and green leaves growing from the stem. Japanese knotweed is a herbaceous perennial. This means the stems don't form wood and new stems grow up each year from the ground. Unlike this current bush - which had many new green shoots coming from the woody brown stem!

If you would like a Japanese knotweed survey of a property you are thinking of purchasing, do contact me - 

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