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"Knot" to be mistaken for Japanese knotweed

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A plant that looks very similar to the better-known Japanese Knotweed is the Giant Knotweed. It is also a non native invasive plant. However, as the name suggests, it grows taller than Japanese Knotweed and it also has leaves that are more heart-shaped.

Below are some photos from a site survey we carried out in Surrey. These only demonstrate a few weeks growth since it was relatively early on in the growing season.

Here you can see the smaller and younger stems.
This is a photo of a more mature plant.

You can see how large the leaf of this Giant Knotweed is when compared to a hand!

Giant knotweed can be treated in a similar way to Japanese knotweed - just a little patience and the plant will be happily managed.

Concerned about the presence of this plant in your garden or land? Contact us via email at or call Charlotte on 07840 002 115.


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