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Eradicating invasive species is a team sport- enter the INNS Mapper

We are ready. for. spring.

Is it just us? Or has it been a particularly long and cold winter? With just a few named storms wreaking havoc on gardens and homes alike. Though we still have some weeks to go until the clocks spring forward (on Sunday, 31 March), there’s always plenty to do when you have a garden, no matter the season. 

For buyers and sellers looking to make a move this year, Japanese knotweed may continue to be a concern. To better understand the patterns of invasive species, a group has recently launched the collaborative Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) Mapper; a brilliant  interactive tool where users contribute by reporting sightings of numerous invasive species, including Japanese knotweed. The idea behind it is that greater visibility of areas of concentration of invasive plants will help coordinate and concentrate efforts to restore the natural biodiversity to environments under attack. The Mapper is free to use, and the information supplied is available as reports to share, which is great for surveys and general property management information.

If you’re worried about Japanese knotweed at your property, please GET IN TOUCH with Charlotte here. We currently cover south east London, Bromley, Croydon and Kent; if you’re outside these areas, please still drop a line and we’ll do our best to connect you with service providers who can easily get to you if we can’t.

To our regular clients, we look forward to seeing you soon for your spring visit!

woman smiling at camera with a body of water and lush greenery in the background
Charlotte's looking forward to spring!

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