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Japanese Knotweed: The only invasive plant in the uk?

People often think that Japanese knotweed is the only invasive plant in the UK when in fact, there are many!

If you are a gardener you will know that it is so important to remember what the small potted plant you have bought from the garden nursery will grow into. When the label says fast growing: do pay attention!

Bamboo has been in the news recently and it is something that Longfield Knotweed Solutions Ltd are often called out to remove/manage.

It is such a beautiful and fast growing plant, however, if you do want to have it in your garden, it is generally recommended to plant it in a pot.

Alternatively, you should manage it as it expands and cut the runners off before they grow into your amazing garden or patio. Worse still... your neighbours garden.

If you would like advice or are considering removing your bamboo, please do contact us at with a photograph of the plant and Charlotte can phone you back. Happy gardening!

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